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Ordinary Me

Ordinary = Boring? Not Anymore! While behind the wheel during driver's ed, high school sophomore Kate Sterns inadvertently foils an escaped convict's getaway. When her heroic actions land her face on the front page of the local paper, she thinks her life is over, and it is, at least her life as an ordinary anyway. Overnight she is plucked from the ordinaries and plopped into the "in crowd." At first Kate is in denial of her status change, but then she likes it, that is until she's labeled a snob, her locker gets trashed and one other minor thing-- she's being stalked.


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Cover for Kindle Edition of Just Perfect

"Just Perfect" ~ A YA Short Story

Caroline Jane Edmonds, CJ to her friends and family, has the perfect summer planned. She calls it the TSL summer: tanning, swimming and love, and not necessarily in that order. As a matter of fact, shell take it in any order, just as long as it comes.

When the first day of summer rolls around, CJs on top of the world. But that world gets pulled out from beneath her feet when her father decides, without consulting CJ at all, that she needs a summer job. He even picks out the job: -- working at the miniature golf course and driving range for the park district where he is the director.

Now all she has to do is combine her ideal summer plans into her new job and shell have a hole in one, otherwise her whole summer will be way below par.

Perfect, just perfect!

A little birdie

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